Granite vs. Soapstone

Thinking of installing Granite Slab Countertops? Consider the benefits of Soapstone

Soapstone is modern and exclusive, a unique look with many functional benefits.

Non-porous, Soapstone cannot be stained. You never need to seal or treat Soapstone.

Naturally anti-bacterial, no use for harsh cleaning chemicals in your food preparation area.

Soapstone is impervious to heat. Pots and pans go directly from your range to your countertops. Soapstone will not crack from heat like Granite.

Matte finish: Tired of that glossy look that is common in run-of-the mill granite? Soapstone can be kept in its natural state without polish or glossy finishes.

Still want Granite? A Soapstone island will set your kitchen apart.

Although Soapstone has a dramatic and eye catching appearance, it doesn't compete with busier surfaces like granite. Progressive designers are now combining Soapstone and Granite in the same kitchen.

The heat properties of Soapstone make it an ideal surface for an island, especially one used for food preparation. Place a cold towel or set some ice on the Soapstone island. Once it is cold, it will stay cold much longer than other solid surfaces. This leaves you plenty of time to roll out dough or finish other food preparation that requires an even temperature.

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